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Each time you use a tool, credits will be deducted from your account. You can earn more credits by completing specific actions such as inviting friends, sharing your unique link on social media, etc.

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Social proof reviews from google capterra and G2
Simple but super efficient.I found 30 decision makers in my target audience in 20 seconds!
Anas Chakri
Too much value for free. The tools are super high quality. lemstack will be a must have as new tools come in!
Mohamed Alaoui
Love the UX - it’s going to save a ton of time during the lead generation process!
Benjamin Donteville
The team behind lemstack kicks asses! They are moving really fast.
Raphael Semah
Growth outbound
Super promising tool! Love the team behind it, they always find the best hacks to scale B2B Sales!
Charles Perret
Is it really free? What’s the catch?
Yes! You can use lemstack completely for free. Cold outreach can be time-consuming and complex, and we want to help you streamline your process and book more meetings. You can use lemstack 100% for free by sharing the product with others.
Will I have enough credits for my needs?
Once you create your account, you will have multiple ways to refill your credits, so you should have plenty of credits for your needs. However, if you find that you need more credits, you can always contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
I have a support request - what should I do?
We currently do not offer support for lemstack due to it being a free ressource with super straightforward tools. However, you can still contact us at kevin@lemstack.com, but please note that response times may take multiple days.
Do you have an API?
No, lemstack currently does not have an API available for use. However, you can still do bulk searches with most of our tools to handle higher volumes
Do lemstack credits work on lemlist?
No, lemstack credits are only applicable to lemstack and cannot be exchanged for other products such as lemwarm or lemlist, nor can they be redeemed for cash.
At what frequency are new tools released?
The frequency of new tool releases for lemstack can vary and is dependent on multiple factors such as user feedback, market trends, and development resources. The lemstack team is always working on improving and adding new tools to the platform to help you succeed with your outreach, but there is no fixed schedule for new tool releases.

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